• handprinted stickers 2014

    Un segno che racconta

  • Lorenzo Argenziano

    I am an italian artist.Started to work on art around late 90s and I am focused on painting and printmaking. All my poetry is a journey of storytelling about feelings and emotions, with a strong personal sign, enjoy it.

  • Past Stories


    Solo show at 146 lab in Milan, 2014

    "Italian Roots"

    Solo show at Project B gallery in Milan, 2009

    "Urban Edge"

    International collective show in Milan, 2006

    "The Art Of Rebellion"

    featured on Christian Hundemark's book published by Publiklat Varglas, 2003

    "Street Logos"

    featured on Tristan Manco's book published by Thames and Hudson, 2003

    "Arte Impropria"

    first italian street logos international exposition at Galleria Meravigli spaces in Milan, 2003

  • Contact

    Write me for any other info